Thursday, March 3, 2011


Complacency one of the number one problems with us as a whole, we let ourselves become comfortable. We let ourselves fall into routines, routines that were once new experiences. Before they were routines, we were learning something we were trying to understand the best way to accomplish something. But once it gets to the point of routine, the point at which we are no longer thinking that is the danger. We have to mix things up for ourselves, drive a different way to work, learn a new skill, a new language. Draw! It doesn't have to be good, but we need to force ourselves to think differently through different paths we find solutions we didn't know even existed.

I have recently started to get myself to draw again, I have forced myself to carry a backpack around with me that has a sketchbook in it, and every free chance I get I pull it out and draw what I see around me.

If you haven't check our the "Drawn to Life" series by by Walt Stanchfield then you should! Its packed full of so much wisdom that you can just open it up to a random page and read something that applies to all areas of life.

You can find it on Amazon here

A great excerpt that got me sketching again:
"We are not talking about change for the sake of change - but for improvement - for expanding the consciousness, for an ever fresh and open-minded attitude to your piece of the universe. Habits are a blessing when they relieve us of the burden of having to relearn everything we do everyday. But if they lead us down the narrow road of complacency , they become a drag"
- Walt Stanchfield

We all experience the world differently, so why not expand your understanding of it by learning something new?

What have you done differently, or learned today?