Sunday, February 20, 2011

2007 Demo Reel

I found the hi-resolution version of my demo reel after I graduated school and re uploaded it to YouTube. Apparently google video is not longer.

2007 Demo Reel

The funny thing is this is probably my most up to date reel, for the most part working as a Tech Artist I have found that there gets to be fewer tangible things that can be put to a reel. Sure I am able to still work on character rigs, and sometimes get my hands on some animation, but for the most part if find that my days go to working with artists, debugging build errors, and training artists in custom tools.

I am now supporting the entire maxscript library for the studio I am at, but any scripts I create are owned by them so its dodgy to know what exactly I can share.

That being said, when this new title comes out I will be able to post my new character rigs, and will try to share some of the scripts I put together to speed up the rigging process.

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